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DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE DRILLING Turbomax™ is designed primarily for high performance drilling in sheet metal, however, also performs well in all types of wood and plastic. Suitable for drilling stainless steel however, HSS Cobalt products (p.114) are designed specifically for this purpose. Remember to always use a coolant when drilling stainless steel.


1. 100° TIP FOR FASTEST START Most precise centering and guidance No walking, including curved surfaces No centre punch necessary

2. 140° CUTTING SHOULDER FOR SMOOTH FINISH Drills perfectly round holes with clean exit holes - minimised burrs Will not bind in multiple layers of thin material

3. GROUND FLUTE Ground from solid for high accuracy drilling and fast removal of chips

4. ROBUST REINFORCED WEB DESIGN For added strength and durability - no breakage

5. W9 HIGH SPEED STEEL (HSS) For sharper cutting lips and superb heat resistance

6. HARDENING Superb wear resistance. Hardness of 63-66 HRC

7. 3-FLATTED SHANK Prevents slipping in chuck No damaging of the drill due to slipping Safe and strong clamping, especially when using keyless chucks